Bmw x5 f15 air suspension problems

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Bmw x5 f15 air suspension problems

BMW X5 owners have reported problems related to electrical system under the electrical system category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of BMW X5 based on all problems reported for the X5. The idler pulley bolt broke for the third time. The car has approx 60 k miles, and the last replacement was done in mayapprox 15 k miles ago. Vehicle was moving and it lost the steering steering hydraulics stopped working, making it very difficult to steerbattery indicator came on and the engine cooling fan set on high speed.

The incident happened while driving, approx half the mile from the house. Was able to slowly pulled it in front of the house. Notified the dealer and waiting for them to come and pick it up, the car is not driveable.

This incident, with the idler pulley bolt is the third time after their initial recall. BMW does not have a remedy for this. See all problems of the BMW X5. My samsung galaxy s9 phone seems incompatible with my X5. About every 30 minutes the nav display and half the instrument panel black out for about 10 seconds then restarts. This occurs on the highway and in the city. Tl- the contact owned a BMW X5. The contact stated that while he was asleep, he had awakened to a loud popping sound coming from outside.

The contact looked outside and saw this his vehicle was on fire right which was parked in an RV park right next to his camper. The contact immediately called the authorities who were able to extinguish the fire. The vehicle was destroyed as a result of the fire. A fire report was filed and no injuries were reported. The vehicle was towed to a tow yard and awaits an inspection.

The contact stated that he had no safety related issues with the vehicle prior to the failure. The dealer nor the manufacturer had yet to be notified of the failure.

The failure mileage was approximatelyThe VIN was unavailable. Finally, my dashboard goes blue after long drives. Again, this was reported and pictures were taken and I'm told they can't find a problem.

bmw x5 f15 air suspension problems

I was driving on a highway when I smelled smoke and within seconds the back of my car was engulfed in black smoke. I was able to get in the breakdown lane and open the trunk where I saw a fire in the trunk. I shut the trunk and ran and the car blew up two times. It appears there have been recalls with this sort of issue, not so much as when driving, but I think maybe my car should have been included in a recall. There was almost nothing left to the car, that is how quick the fire happened.

My valve cover and crankcase are manufactured bad the crankcase it's cracked and licking, which it damage my valve covers, my car was driving good all of the sudden it doesn't drive smooth.About a week ago the near side suspension had dropped overnight until there was no gap between the top of the wheel and the arch. The pump happily reinflated it when I started the engine, and no error messages came up.

Again, no error on the dash. I have the exact same issue on my d, there is no pattern to it, sometimes it will drop in an hour sometimes it doesn't drop for days, I put it down to an intermittent leaking valve and will get it sorted under warranty when I get it booked in. Thx Shooie - I'm taking it to a so far very good independent who might not have seen many of these, so having a few theories might help a diagnosis They develop hairline cracks where the rubber bag rolls over on itself.

The top air spring is new and shows the installation position and how the bag rolls over on itself. Well a slightly disappointing result - they spent an hour checking all the bags and valves and found Difficult when there's nothing stored in the computer I suppose and they weren't keen on changing parts without finding a specific problem, so it's just a case of waiting for it to fail totally and go from there.

On my GT there is one on each side and they look quite flimsy with small plastic arms and so on. Just thinking that it doesn't take a lot of dirt og something to make them unhappy which will result in a wrong height. Where are they located? Mine sits right on its arse, not sure why a sensor would ever make it do this, up and down some, but all the way?

They sit quite visibly as a part of the rear suspension. You probably need to take your wheel off to check it. These two sensors are the feedback for the control loop that controls the ride height. Wrong feedback, wrong height. If the car is told by the left sensor that the ride height of the left rear side of the car is perfect, it will not inflate the airbag.

Lowering the rear end of your car is actually done by tweaking the two sensors into thinking that the car is for example two centimeters too high.

The result is that the car is lowered by two centimeters by the air suspension to compensate for the tweak.Kos answered 7 years ago. Check for a blown fuse in your rear compartment. Dont drive to much you will damage more things. I have checked all fuses, they are all ok. Less than half the price of BMW ones. Dennismckinney74 answered 3 years ago. James answered 3 years ago. Is there a reset switch somewhere?

bmw x5 f15 air suspension problems

Owners manual says to take it to the shop - surely there is a reset somewhere. GuruMVDF answered 3 years ago.

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Guru94SJL answered 3 years ago. Sbarnes answered 2 years ago. I don't remember which site, but if you search "Air Springs" for the year, make, and model of your car you'll find them.

The self-leveling indicator light went out right after. You can also relieve yourself of the problem by doing an "Air Spring Conversion". Search for them. The conversion also comes with a "Warning Light Module" that will remove the "Inactive Indicator warning". Mike answered 2 years ago.

2014 BMW X5

You can search online for air springs. A great solution is to convert your suspension. Suncore Co.

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It comes with warning light cancel device. Why is everyone asking same question repeatedly? How about some foookin answers please. Robert C answered about a year ago.

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I do not believe there is a reset. Does your vehicle have the ride height raising and lowering button on the dashboard? Is this functioning?

BMW X5 F15 (2013-on): review, problems and specs

Does it actually raise the right height and lower the right height when you press the buttons? If your ride height is no longer adjustable from the dashboard. If I were to guess I would say your air ride suspension module is fried. You can try junkyards or eBay for used ones but they are usually not that reliable. Easy fix! They give great warranties! Sbarnes answered about a year ago. There is no reset.Don't be bottoming out or bouncing down the road because of old, tired struts.

Replace those old tired struts with new ones from Pelican. Don't be bottoming out or bouncing down the road because of old, tired shocks. Replace those old tired shocks with new ones from Pelican. Strut mounting hardware assist in the attaching of the strut to the vehicle. Replace it with new hardware to get the most out of your suspension. Strut mounts are the link between the strut and your seat.

Replace them with new to get the most out of your suspension. Shock mounting hardware assist in the attaching of the strut to the vehicle. Pelican Parts is here to help. Eibach is the 1 choice of Automotive Enthusiasts Worldwide. The Pro-Kit will lower your vehicle an average of 1 - 1. The Pro-Kit offers overall improved handling and a more aggressive appearance. When looks and performance matter, the Eibach Pro-Kit or Sportline spring kits improve both.

bmw x5 f15 air suspension problems

These kits help lower your car's center of gravity, body roll, and squatting during acceleration. They also help eliminate wheel gap while running plus-1 or plus-2 tire and wheel combos giving your car that cleaner, aggressive street look.

Eibach's spring kits increase handling performance while still maintaining ride quality. All Search Everything. BMW X5 F15 Suspension Strut Assemblies Don't be bottoming out or bouncing down the road because of old, tired struts. Strut Front Left or Right. Click for More Info. Shock Absorbers Don't be bottoming out or bouncing down the road because of old, tired shocks.

Makes it easy to extend and hold shock rod while assembling strut assembly. Threaded extender safely pulls shock piston from shock body. Protective clamp retains piston rod in extended position while compressing spring. Clamp covers pistons from 12mm - 28mm diameters. Strut Mounting Hardware Strut mounting hardware assist in the attaching of the strut to the vehicle.

The tool kit includes 10 shock shaft adapters and 7 shock nut sockets to fit all BMW and MINI applications, as well as most other makes and models. Shock Absorber Mounting Hardware Shock mounting hardware assist in the attaching of the strut to the vehicle. When dismantling a suspension strut sometimes the securing nut can be difficult to access and the central strut itself needs to be held still while the nut is undone. This new Shock Absorber Tool Kit is designed to overcome these problems and make the job quick and easy.

The go-through design of the sockets and ratchet design allows the strut lock extensions to go right through the middle of the ratchet and socket. Five different strut lock extensions are included, to fit a variety of applications. Seven go-through deep sockets 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 24mm are included, plus a sliding T-bar. Once the spring is compressed and the top plate is free, simply choose the correct strut lock extension and socket. Then fit the socket and the ratchet handle, and fit the strut lock straight through.First making its debut inthe BMW X5 is a mid-sized luxury SUV that featured all-wheel drive and was available with either a manual or an automatic transmission.

The first generation of the X5 was manufactured between andwith the second generation running from toand the third generation being manufactured from to Ina plug-in hybrid model was introduced to the market. Anyone who has ever owned one of these luxury cars knows about their perks, as well as their drawbacks. While the BMW X5 vehicle is a splendid automobile, it does come with its own set of unique issues. Here are all of the BMW X5 problems that you should know about and how to fix them.

If you have ever owned a BMW X5, you probably are no stranger to the sound of the wind gusting by when you are traveling at high speeds. This issue is caused by faulty door aperture seals, which will fail over time and eventually disintegrate.

To fix this problem, you will need to replace the whole seal around the door. This is an inexpensive car component to buy, and will require a simple fitting at your auto body repair shop.

This important part of your car keeps your engine from overheating and compromising its overall functionality. If there are leaks, the engine will overheat, leading to damage and expensive repairs. There are many different things that can cause your BM5 X5 to leak, including:.

BMW x5 Diagnosis rack and pinion/air ride/broken door handles

One of the main culprits behind your coolant issue in your BMW X5 may be the inlet manifolds. They are a known vulnerability in this particular type of BMW model and can cause numerous issues with your engine. The main purpose of this part is to evenly distribute the combustion mixture to each intake port in the cylinder heads.

Another issue that can be seen in the BMW X5 car that is widely reported is a problem with the air mass sensors. This is more frequent in older diesel models.

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This part of your car is a sensor that is used to determine the mass flow rate of air entering into a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. If you think that your car has bad air mass sensors, take it to a qualified mechanic in order to get a complete computer diagnostic test. If you think your car is suffering from this type of issue, check under it for excessive puddles of oil.

This part is prone to failure, causing your car to leak oil. So seek the assistance of a qualified BMW mechanic. Are you considering buying a BMW X5 that was made in either or ? Be careful. This is because a large number of these cars made during those years were recalled due to a serious issue found in the steering column. The steering wheel would stop adjusting and would stay in its last position without being able to move, giving different drivers steering troubles.

bmw x5 f15 air suspension problems

If your potential purchase was made during this period, be sure to check its service history report to see if the busted part was removed. This issue will hinder your comfort more than your safety. We recommend having this issue fixed right away, as BMW cars are among the top stolen vehicles in the world.

It includes the door handles on both the driver and passenger doors lifting up as normal, but the door will not budge open. The entire door opening and locking system will need to be replaced. Sadly, some BMW cars have suffered from corroding wheels over a very short amount of time. This corroding does much more than make your wheels look ugly.

It can also affect your tires and lead to safety issues. If you have experienced this issue, opt for a non-branded yet more reliable set of wheels to prevent any future issues. Along with their electronic issues, BMW X5 luxury SUV drivers may notice that their rides suffer more than their fair share of dead batteries. While the battery is not a permanent part of your BMW and may need a change after a while, batteries should be able to last you between two and five years.

Automatic headlights are a new innovation to hit the auto industry, and take the human component out of deciding when it is dark enough to flip your headlights on.

Brakes are one of the most critical elements in your BMW X5, and should never be taken for granted.And everyone thought that a SAC is what they need. Now BMW X5 reached its third reiteration, and it keeps on track pun intended better than ever. With its third generation, the new X5 receives extra power units, in the form of a 2. Yes, the new X5 also comes as a hybrid, with hp and lb-ft while boasting a 69 mpg combined cycle fuel consumption. The middle range consists of decent inline-six diesels like the hp twin-turbo that would probably equip most of the cars.

It is, however, an impressive on-roader. And in its third reiteration, the BMW X5 is as glued to asphalt as ever. The double-arm front suspension and the independent rear suspension, along with the axle weight ratio are helping the car to maintain the apex.

But if you want to be a physics outlaw as much as it is possible with your Bavarian SAC, there are the M-badged models X5 M and the diesel X5 M50d that come with M adaptive suspension and enough power to tow a train car you can take that literally.

The Xenon automatic lights are also available as standard equipment, along with automatic wipers. But the safety package can be a lot more comprehensive if you tick some of the option boxes: LED headlights, Night Vision with animal and pedestrian recognition, High-Beam Assistant, Surround View cameras, a full-color head-up-display and Park Assist are some of the features with which you can equip your X5. Although it kept its sporty spirit through generations, the BMW X5 improved its comfort through generations, becoming one big kind-of-sporty sofa of a car.

Apart from the plug-in-hybrid xDrive40e version whose batteries restricts the full exploitation of the bootBMW X5 can be a proper 7-seater now. Entering and exiting the third-row seats is made easy thanks to the forward tumble of the second-row seats. The back seat modularity should provide the optimal solution regardless the dimensions of the form the object you want to get in has. The boot lid is consisting of two doors that open vertically, and only the upper one is electric.

That might give you trouble if you come to the boot with your both your hands engaged. When considering a budget-balanced power-to-fuel-efficiency acquisition, the xDrive30d remains the best offer — the 2, cc I6 diesel engine is providing hp, returning 38 mpg in combined cycle.

The optional packages and features list sums pretty much everything you would want in a car — from electric heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats to 4-zone automatic air conditioning to LED headlights or American Oak dash ornaments. Every extra penny you invest in the optional equipment and there can be many pennies, mind you will pay off — everything seems properly built, and every extra feature repays the driver and passengers with extra comfort and delight.

Home Car Reviews. BMW X5 F15 on : review, problems and specs. Drive Interior Budget Specs. Powertrain With its third generation, the new X5 receives extra power units, in the form of a 2.Remember Me? Our X5 has the 3rd row seat and the comfort air rear suspension. Yesterday, the airbags were completely empty. Car was towed to dealer and it's there now. Anyone seen this? Both airbags were at zero, so a failed airbag is unlikely because both were flat.

Could be a line or the compressor or software. About 10 days ago we got the car back from the dealer for a leaking rear differential, so mechanics were in that area.

Appreciate 0. Private First Class. Originally Posted by UnhappySwede. Appreciate 1. And yet you towed it to the mechanic? And the tow guy agreed on this?

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No need for that, when our cars are 10 years old, all our airbags will be empty before startup. Unfortunately, once leaks start developing everywhere, the compressor will work harder and eventually fail aswell. The sad part about only having rear axle air suspension is kinda only having the the cons of this technique and few of the benefits. Im sorry, I think I misunderstood you. If the airbags were full at startup but then leaked empty with the engine running, then theres something else wrong.

I thought you said you found them empty and they refilled upon startup. That is more normal and usually just a question of time. The thing is, we have Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Land Rover, all with air suspension that none have failed and some over ten years k miles, so I don't agree that it will be like this.

I work with heavy trucks that do have these systems on, and it is known as certain as tires will wear out, that the parts on this suspension will. Of course, salt and cold speeds up the aging.


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