Kompolti hybrid tc seeds

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Kompolti hybrid tc seeds

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What will be the traits required for future industrial hemp varieties? Many industrial hemp cultivators will desire increased cellulose content for biomass fuel production, higher primary fiber yields for pulping, or high yields of extra fine fibers for textiles. Seed growers and processors will require high-yielding varieties with increased levels of fatty acids or other target compounds.

Included in this list would also be common agronomic traits such as tolerance to drought, wet heavy soils, salt, cold, heat or humidity and resistance to pests and diseases.

The general agronomic suitability of hemp varieties for specialized altitudes or latitudes beyond the limited present-day European range of industrial hemp growing is also a particularly important future consideration. Table 1. Registered industrial hemp varieties 47 total and their commercial availability 21 total. No developed hemp varieties exist that are suitable for equatorial or even subtropical latitudes. Of the 47 hemp varieties registered or in commercial trade Table 1European varieties account for all of them.

All were developed in and for regions north of the 45th parallel and in general will not perform well if moved closer to the equator by even as little as degrees, as demonstrated by recent field trials in South Africa Dippenaar et al.

kompolti hybrid tc seeds

The limited production of hemp crops in subtropical Asia relies solely on unimproved landraces of variable cannabinoid content. We are forced to respond that none of the available registered varieties will perform well in those regions.

Northern temperate varieties are adapted to long summer daylength and flower in Europe in the Autumn, when the days become shorter. In equatorial regions, the daylength is never long enough to prevent flowering and these northern varieties only reach a meter or two in height before they flower. European varieties growing in foreign environments are also attacked by a wide range of pests and diseases for which they have no resistance. We suggest that there is an immediate need for a tropical hemp collection and equatorial facilities to be established for tropical industrial hemp variety development.

Canadian and northern European farmers have the opposite problem with the available selection of European cultivars. Few European varieties will mature early enough to allow seed production and variety multiplication in the climatic and daylength conditions of Canada and northern Europe. InR. While our climate is favorable for producing hemp for fiber, the growing season, in most districts, is not long enough to fully mature the seed. Subsequently, hemp seed production trials were undertaken near Ottawa and other stations in areas with longer growing seasons: Summerland, B.

These experiments demonstrated that the only areas in Canada with a growing season suitable to reliably mature seed of such a high fiber yielding variety as Minnesota No. This situation has not changed for Canada in the last 70 years. While it is easier to reduce the THC content of monoecious varieties through in-breeding, growing these types may suffer serious drawbacks, e.

However, as a strategic economic and political maneuver, the French may use their newest varieties to push for unneeded EU legislation that would forbid the cultivation of any industrial hemp variety containing more than 0. This legislation would, in effect, outlaw all registered varieties except those of the French and a few Ukrainian varieties. The EU recently adopted a resolution that subsidies will be paid only to hemp growers who do not harvest their hemp until its seeds have ripened see pg.

However, any farmer north of France trying to allow the crop to mature its seed in the often cold, wet and foggy Autumn harvest weather will encounter difficulties in most years. The fact that harvesting hemp crops to seed maturity compromises fiber quality also seems to have escaped the EU regulators. To date, there is only one hemp variety Uniko-B specifically designed for high-yield seed production.

kompolti hybrid tc seeds

One to 1.CBD Cannabidiol is beeing increasingly researched. Because of its enormous therapeutic potential, more and more people are trying to implement CBD in their daily life. There are more than discovered cannabinoids in cannabis or hemp plants. Out of all, the most known cannabinoids are cannabidiol CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol THC and are also the most researched ones.

With different cannabinoid ratios, different effects can be achieved. Visible side effects at irregular users. Mild euphoria. No psyhadelic effects. Best medical marijuana strains with high CBD content Generaly, there is a lot of talk which is the best music festival, car, telephone, game console, etc. This time, we will highlight some of the best cannabis strains with a high cannabidiol content. This cannabis strain got its name from the girl Charlotte Figiwho suffered from epilepsy and had up to seizures a week.

With the use of cannabidiol, her seizures almost completely dissapeared. This high CBD cannabis strain is most known for its relaxing, calming, non-sedative and non-toxic effects. It is helpful at easing pain and is suitable for everyday use, as this medical marijuana has almost no psychoactive effects.

Even though, that this is very rare cannabis strain, it is well known, that it can help ease:. Besides calming effect, we can ease:. It is said, that this medical marijuana strain can contribute to better concentration and social life of its regular users. It is very popular among chemotherapy patients, as it helps to alleviate adverse reactions of treatment.

ACDC can also ease:. CBD cannabis strain, named after legendary astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. This cannabis strain can help with:.

Germinating & Grow Seeds Into Seedlings

While crossbreading different CBD hemp strains, they made many monoecious strains. Even though, that this kind of strains are primarily used for hemp seed oilthey can also have a high CBD content. CBD hemp flowers from this strain are said to be the highest quality and bigger in size than any CBD hemp flowers from any other industrial hemp strains.

Monoecious French CBD hemp hybrid, mostly used for the production of hemp fibre, but also has a high proportion of CBD for industrial hemp. Another French hemp strain, but of low growth, which, despite the high proportion of CBD, is mostly used for fiber production.

Monoecious Hungarian CBD hemp strain of low growth, that is used for hemp seed oil and hemp fibre production. CBD hemp hybrid, originating from China, that, alike numerous hemp strains is used for seed and fibre production.

It is a dioecious strain which has longer vegetative cycle and is extremely high in growth.If it is low in THC, then it ought to be high in something else! EU Certified Hemp Seeds. HSI is currently the only firm to maintain stocks of EU registered sowing seeds, available for sale year around. EU registered sowing seeds can be grown with a THC level below 0. The maximization of the germination potential for HS I 's seeds is ensured by the use of sealed vaults with temperature control.

Primarily known as industrial-agricultural cultivars; they are also highly praised for their aromatic diversity, with different cultivars exhibiting distinct organoleptic fragrance and flavor properties.

While most of these cultivars are greatly appreciated by professionals for their CBD or CBG content, they are also rich in trichomes and terpenes, with buds displaying an intense aroma when cultivated under sufficient sun intensity.

Besides the CS, and also the Kompolti to a minor extend which selection was approached including a focus towards the quality of the buds, EU cultivars, themselves, were initially selected more for their seed and fiber production caracteristics.

Therefore, they are now strong of a large palette of organoleptic bouquets and nuances of phytocannabinoids profiles, both constituting a still widely untapped genetic El Dorado for the creation of new targeted applications in cannaphytoaromatherapy. HSI 's experience illustrates how the deployment of authorized dioecious hemp cultivars enables the production of affordable legal Cannabis sativa L. Indeed, the removal of male trees and "hermaphrodite" branches allows the production of highly fragrant seedless buds which "functional" effects satisfy a lot of people who feel inconvenienced or overwhelmed by the effects of higher THC content buds.

While dioecious hemp is predominantly dioecious —with the male and the female found on separate plants—; there are however natural occurrences of monoecious plants within dioecious cultivars. Monoecious plants bear flowers of both sexes. Monoecious varieties have a natural propensity to tend toward dioecy over time. Check out the domestic laws of your country, as most require that hemp fields larger than a certain size be registered both to the local agricultural chamber and police precinct.

As we do our best in order to help organize the hemp seed market, the lack of regularity for the availability of a specific cultivar constrains us to ask all our customers to order, if possible, at least a year in advance. Below is our current list of available hemp seeds for both monoecious and dioecious cultivars :. Sowing seeds cannot be refunded once delivered. Suivi de commande Favoris Panier Identifiez-vous.Share your location to get the most relevant content and products around you.

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We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Buy Here. Girl Scout Cookies bred by Elev8 Seeds. This unique blend of genetics results in a uniquely tasty and potent smoke that will delight even the most picky connoisseur.

The visual appeal of these frost caked buds is like a work of art. Big fat nuggets. Nice and stony. Big producer. City, state, or zip code. Close search Search Leafly. Welcome to Leafly. Thanks for stopping by. Where are you from? United States Canada. Are you at least 21? Share Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Similar items. Blue Dream seeds by Premium Seed Market 5. No stores nearby. TrainWreck seeds by Premium Seed Market 5. White Widow seeds by Premium Seed Market 5.Fibre hemp cultivars: A survey of origin, ancestry, availability and brief agronomic characteristics.

HortaPharm B. Meijer, E. Fibre hemp cultivars: A survey of origin, ancestry, availability and brief agronomic characteristics Journal of the International Hemp Association 2 2 : Due to renewed interest in hemp, many experiments in Western Europe, Australia and Canada have been initiated which are aimed at resumed domestic hemp production. Obtaining sufficient seed quantities from a range of different cultivars is a practical difficulty often met by researchers.

The present paper surveys the more or less currently available cultivars with respect to breeding history and provides addresses of seed suppliers. Agronomic characteristics assessed in standardized variety trials in the Netherlands are treated briefly.

There is a renewed interest in hemp as a source of cellulose fibre and seed oil in Western European countries, Australia, the US and Canada as these countries share a need for profitable arable non-food crops. Many experiments which are aimed at the feasibility of domestic hemp production have recently been initiated. All Western countries, except France, have either never had a hemp industry, or have interrupted it for decades.

Kompolti hibrid TC

Presently, legal measures against Cannabis drug use in Western countries may improperly discourage any hemp activities, including research. Other obstacles generally faced by individuals wanting to resume a fibre hemp industry are more practical: local cultivars are extinct, there is no adequate harvesting machinery and fibre extraction technology is antiquated.

At least for the short term, the new initiatives must rely on cultivars imported from countries which currently breed hemp. As far as the author knows, the breeding of new domestic cultivars has only been pursued in a recent program the Netherlands van Berlo, which focused on hemp grown as a raw material for pulp.

This paper surveys national registration and registration in European Union member states, as far as could be traced, by country of origin the current cultivars, with regard to commercial availability. Further, it briefly presents some agronomic characteristics. The commercial availability of cultivars can rapidly change, and the assessment of the present situation, based on personal experience, hearsay and assumptions, may hence contain mis-information.

Prices recently charged for seed for sowing are given when available. The reasons for this support are that fibre production in the EU does not meet the demand, and, that the yearly fluctuations in both production and prices are considered too strong.

Out of the twelve presently registered EU cultivars only the seven French cultivars are readily available. In order to be less dependent on the French hemp seed distributor several cultivars originating outside the EU were submitted for EU registration ineight in Austria and three in the Netherlands.

Forother submissions probably concerning newly bred cultivars from within the EU are expected in the Netherlands. The procedure for registration takes two to three years and comprises research aimed at morphological distinctness and practical agronomic value of the submitted material in relation to reference cultivars.

Once a cultivar is registered in a member state it will automatically be placed on the general EU register.Interview Professor Dr. For 40 years, he improved eight state-registered fibre hemp varieties, four of which are still cultivated.

The improvement of the first unisex hybrids pure female F1 originating from a monoecious x dioecious crossing and the development of Bredemann's idea and method are linked with his name. During his career he bred only dioecious and unisex hybrids.

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He also improved the chlorophyll-deficient yellow-stemmed and the spherical ornamental varieties that characterise the extensiveness of his breeding work.

We introduce here a part of this multifarious and rich life-work via interview 12 October The Slavic people, who inhabited what is now Hungary up 'till about AD, probably cultivated hemp.

The first written reference to hemp is found in a royal customs bill of Esztergom from AD At the time Esztergom was the capital of Hungary, where the kings of the first dynasty ruled.

In this year old customs document written in Latin, hemp was mentioned together with flax. At the time, hemp was not imported into Hungary but was an age-old native crop. Until hemp was grown and processed solely by peasants. After that time, Italian hemp cultivars, which were grown and processed on an industrial scale, were introduced into Hungary. Untilpeasant and industrial hemp production coexisted.

The forced collectivisation of agriculture in caused the disappearance of hemp production by peasants. IB: Inat the beginning of my career, I was appointed as the assistant of Dr. Rudolf Fleischmann, who founded the Kompolt Research Institute in and who started working with hemp in His cultivar "Fleischmann" was very famous in all of Eastern and Central Europe.

It replaced the Italian cultivars Carmagnola and Bolognese which were grown until then. Our cultivar "Kompolti" initially originated from "Fleischmann". After Fleischmann's death in his 'inheritance' was divided between the three breeders working at Kompolt. As I was the youngest of the three, I got the two crops the others did not want: hemp and alfalfa. Hemp was not an easy crop to do breeding work on, as there was not much literature available. At that time only German and Russian literature was available.

JIHA: Why have you bred dioecious cultivars while many other hemp breeders have developed monoecious cultivars? IB: The natural state in which hemp appears was and is dioecious.

Monoeciousness is artificial in hemp, it can only exist with the help of man, and without selection, the dioecious state will return in two or three generations. Apart from that, however, monoecious hemp is appropriate only when the crop is grown for so-called double use, i. This is the case in France and in the former Soviet Union, where most crops are grown for double use.

In a dioecious crop, the male plants will be strongly deteriorated when the crop is harvested at seed ripeness, so in this case one needs monoecious cultivars.

In Hungary and its neighbouring countries, like formerly in Italy, this double use is unknown. Here fibre hemp is grown as a dense crop which is harvested at the time of male flowering "green hemp"while seed production takes place in crops grown at a low plant density and with completely different growing techniques.

For this 'classic' use monoecious cultivars are of no use, so we never bred a monoecious cultivar.Originally Posted by scrubdog. Haven't been able to get PNG or Indonesian. Very strong killer weed that I haven't tasted for years. I know the plants well. Haven't seen seeds available anywhere for those strains for 20 years which is kind of strange because boat loads of weed have come out of those islands for years and been distributed all over the top of Aussie.

kompolti hybrid tc seeds

I was told by somebody who should know that a syndicate in the late seventies took Thai seed to that area and contracted villagers to grow plantations to save on taking a certain fishing boat all the way to Thailand all the time. People talk a lot about Thai Stick but few realise it was never one strain. The older Thai Sticks that came over first were almost black and musty smelling but as time went on they got greener until it was obvious they were fresh wrapped sticks.

Potency went way down over the years but even the fresh stuff was still strong I grew a lot of seed from sticks It was the early stuff that knocked your head off. Most smokers say it was laced with opium.

Kompolti Hybrid TC (HU)

Then again at the same time we got Sumatran Tripping Weed which wasn't laced but still blew your head off. Hard to describe the effect of those old strains but they made you very, very high. Not stoned You wanted to do stuff because everything you did was somehow "altered". Driving a car was like an expedition to Mars. Oldtimers will know what I'm talking about. I remember a strain of hemp from China, Cannabis gigantea or Cannabis chinensis. It is suposedly a giant plant, with huge seeds, and very large fan leaves.

I found this video and the plants are like bamboo, without branching because they are grown crowded. I cannot see really huge leaves, but may be because the biggest leaves are lost as they are in the lower portion of the stalk. As far as I know this strain is now grown for its fiber, and in recent times fiber strains are breed in order to avoid high THC levels. Interview This is a Hungarian hemp strain, Kompolti. Actually tall trees, but barely branched.

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I don't know if they are related to the Sumatran Tripping Weed. I think they are highly inbreed because the germination rate is very low since I got the first seeds and it is very oidium prone. I am not sure if it is good because I have smoke it only twice. The first time it was really great sativa trippy high, but a few months later the same buds lost its potency. The taste was terrible twice. A friend told me that the lost of potency was because I take that buds very early due to the plants were attacked by the oidium.

So I must test that strain again before to say that is really good or not worth.


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