Nobsound preamp

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Nobsound preamp

Q: I got a loud hum with this T7 phono preamp. A: For the hum noise, in the beginning, we have to clarified that all phono preamps have a certain of background noise. It won't be loud, while a little loud is just normal. Turntable is a kind of analog players and cannot be compared with digital players in this respect. Besides, there are many factors which may lead to bad noise.

To find the right reason, you need to do some tests and here are some instructions. Reason A: T7 isn't connected to ground well. This is the most common and unnoticed reason. Please test it following the steps as below. While the device is playing music, picking up the GND copper part of T7 with your fingers. For this issue, we prepared a 3m wire in the package for you to solve it by yourself.

Just use it to connect the GND with any large mental item in your home like windows or mental tables. There is a possibility that T7 may not match with some digital amplifiers well, which may lead to very loud noise. And found that.

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The T Class amplifier is best. Very quite back noise. The D Class amplifier with loud noise. A good RCA wire will be equipped with an anti-jamming magnetic ring, which can effectively reduce various interference. Please check the turntable output JACK. Please contact us to get replacement main board. You also can repalcement it. Free Return Within 30 Days. Man-made damage or misuse. Audio accessories and consumables such as vacuum tubes. If you are satisfied with our products and service please leave a 5-star.

Feedback is very important to us just like our lives, please DO contact us before you leave a neutral or negative feedback, we will provide better solutions until you are satisfied. Store Category. Join Our Newsletter Receive our email newsletters about new items and special promotions! Sign Up Now! Item description. This product is located in USA Warehouse, bz days can reach your hand! Mini size can give you warm tube sound, alluminum chassis with charming tube light and Hi-end terminal, all of this c reate her perfect look.

Furthermoreher warm tone definitely will give you the amazing music e xperience. AUX function is tube buffer function to get the better warm sound, so you can setup T7 work for AUX or phono by input selector Net weight: 0. Fast Shipping The items are located in US, and will be shipped within 1 working day, working days to deliver.Sign in.

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Adopting a conventional active RIAA equalization phono stage circuit. There is 3 metal covers and 4 acrylic covers for those tubes. And you will be able to choose which type as you like. We suggest using metal covers if there exists effect sources in the surroundings.

Nobsound NS-10P Mini 6J1 Vacuum Tube Preamp HiFi Audio Pre-Amplifier Treble&Bass

Otherwise acrylic covers will have a better appearance. The GND switch on its back panel is setting to connect with the ground in default. However, there may get some loud background noise with a few digital amplifiers. Please try setting it to disconnect with the ground then. There is a 3-meter black cable in the package, which can be wired between T11 with huge metal items such as doors or windows if your wall outlet has no ground connection.

Nobsound Mini HiFi MM Phono Stage Turntable Preamp Stereo Audio Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

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The pre-amp looks superb and although I have not yet tried it in my system, if the other user's reviews are anything to go by, I'm sure I'm going to be delighted. View all reviews. Nobsound HiFi Bluetooth 5. Product Description. View more. Mxxxr US. Ships From: China. Rxxxg GB. Power supply was loose inside but a couple of washers sorted this out.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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nobsound preamp

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Nobsound tube amp impression. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter roguepp88 Start date Nov 11, Post 1 of Joined Oct 22, Messages Reaction score Joined Oct 22, Posts Likes Has anyone used the Nobsound series of tube amps, they can be found in Amazon for a reasonable price, similar to little dots.

Can anyone give an impression of their product? Share This Post. Nov 11, Post 2 of Oskari Headphoneus Supremus.

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Jan 3, Post 3 of Joined Jul 22, Messages 17 Reaction score Joined Jul 22, Posts 17 Likes Jan 8, Post 4 of Karllin Head-Fier.Ahh tubes. In fact they seem to be gaining a resurgence in popularity of late.

Perhaps this is because so many people are moving to digital sources and components and everything sounds a bit too clean and controlled.

Sometimes you might be craving some harmonic distortion to dirty things up a bit, or want to add some warmth to those analytical headphones.

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Maybe you just want some cool glowing lights on your desk or you simply need to make your music louder. Well, this little hybrid tube amplifier can do all that. We are devoted to design and research of hi-end level of audio equipment under our own brand name Nobsound and Douk Audio with our intellectual property rights. We are striving to build classical extraordinary audio equipment with cultural connotation and propel national audio brands worldwide and pace up with the rest of the world.

All opinions and observations here are my own, based on my experience with the product. This is a hybrid amplifier, meaning it uses the tubes for pre-amplification and transistors for the actual audio output. This allows you to get a taste of tube sound while keeping the costs lower for consumers and the benefits of solid state like better bass control. Similar to the NSE, this amp is nicely machined and put together.

On the gold coloured front are the 3. These incremented movement dials feel great but they do make precise volume adjustments a little more difficult. On the top of the black metal case are the two 6J9 tubes that simply plug into the provided sockets.

They fit tightly into the sockets but are easy to install and remove with some care and gentle wiggling. There have been a few mentions on the internet about the tube ringing sound that sometimes occurs if you bump the amp or the desk. I have experienced this myself but only with sensitive headphones and IEMs. With the ohms Beyerdynamic Amiron Home I was not able to reproduce the sound no matter how hard I tried and it was the same with the T1 Pro.

This little guy adds some warmth and fullness to the midrange while retaining detail and separation from the source. Treble and bass remain well extended on both ends. With harder to drive headphones like the T1 Pro the NSE can add some extra punch to the bass and a more controlled sense at the low end.

The unit gets a little warm while in use but its certainly not what I would call hot. The sound can also be customized by rolling different tubes.

For the purpose of this review I stuck with the original 6J9s. The Nobsound NSE sounds better than it should given its budget price. The only drawback I can find and this is just personal preference is the input being located on the front panel. It becomes a problem for people real fast. Been poking around your site too. Very nice reviews. Will do.

nobsound preamp

Read one review that said the tubes were all for show and did nothing to the sound. They said it was all solid state not really a hybrid. There was actually some discussion about that here a while back but somehow those messages were lost. I will repost the answer I got from my friend who is the lead engineer of Phatlab Audio:. It is just less effective. A good example is those new preamp from Audio Research whose tubes are also configured as an output buffer instead of voltage gain stage. The difference is that when tube acts as gain stage, it will output more unique distortion, said 2nd harmonics, which might be what people usually say tubey sound.

On the other hand, when acting as a buffer, there is no voltage gain, so less 2nd harmonics output and less tubey.Audiophile General. I heated up the solder joints in the remote, still no worky. The unit works. There is an obvious wiggle and scratchiness to the headphone jack. The sound is fine, but I need more time to put the product through its paces. I am also still getting used to the neq crossovers I put in my Sansui SPs notice I didn't mention "burn in".

I sent an email to Douk asking for a remote replacement, and they said, "No problem, just confirm you phone number for shipping safety. I will update on the sound soon. Assuming I get a working remote, it is at least a fun toy that allows all common digital media including BT functionality to my "dad" Hi-Fi. The BT antena works better than my old one. I can say that the BT signal sounds less, err, loss-ish, just streaming music via BT.

To be continued Sign Up Log In. Sort by: Newest. Apr 5, But I tried the eq functions a bit and they were not useable anyway, so I left it in the default mode. I still have to call this a BT input with tubes, not a tube pre with BT. Jan 16, Did you noticed any improvement in the sound quality? I wonder if I should try to get a cheap tube preamp to see if it changes anything in my set up, but I fear that it will be a wast of money unless I go for a expensive one.

nobsound preamp

Feb 22, They did send a new replacement remote from China for free Aaand that remote doesn't work well either. Related Posts. At the push of a button, its fully analogue EQ filter pushes the HD 6xx to the max.

Come and see us at CanJam NY! Hear the difference.Sign in. Sign in with. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies view more on our Privacy Policy. You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page.

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Nobsound NS-08E Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier Hi-Fi Valve Headphone Amp Stereo Audio Preamplifier

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Putting a Tube Preamp to the Test

All Categories. Related Searches: cd player riaa gustard tpa 6j1 hifi preamp amplifier lm aluminum amplifier enclosure espro amp tube preamp preamp xlr nobsound preamp amplifier power tube nobsound usb amplifi audio nobsaund audio preamp preamp tube cd player. Price: - OK. Add to Wish List. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nobsound The product is OK, but it took 6 weeks to arrive of which 10 days were lost by the seller postponing the shipment.

At the very same day, I bought more stuff from other sellers. One of those orders arrived even within 10 days. Hence, there is room for improving the speed in dealing with orders. According to tracking, this order went to Russia to unknown receiver. Seller resend package via Airpak Express and I received it promptly. Very responsible seller, this is 3rd time purchase. Will buy again another time Thank you for excellent service.

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Turned it on for the first time, Let the tubes warm up for about 10 minutes before playing some jazz music on a pair of Mission Cyrus 's. This thing sounds really good for the price. It got here 2 days before what was listed on Fedex.

I haven't listened to many tube amps. But this thing is really good.Free Return Within 30 Days. Man-made damage or misuse.

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Audio accessories and consumables such as vacuum tubes. If you are satisfied with our products and service please leave a 5-star.

Feedback is very important to us just like our lives, please DO contact us before you leave a neutral or negative feedback, we will provide better solutions until you are satisfied.

I wanted a preamp to connect my iphone to an old 70's tube-type stereo. A fusion of old and new, I guess. I liked that the unit has tubes and it was small yet had separate volume, treble and bass controls. Hookup was a no-brainer; connected the included power supply to the back of the unit along with the mini plug earphone size jacks for input from phone and output to the stereo and I was in business. The unit added just enough volume to make listening more enjoyable while the treble and bass controls smoothed out the sound.

And who can beat the look of glowing tubes!? The sound is very clean but I noticed the low frequency doesn't go low enough for a extremely tight base booming not tightthe treble is perfect, the mids are great.

I can't comment about its longevity since I had it less than 24 hrs, I am already thinking of buying another one for my computer sound system. I would definitely recommend this preamp. I am using this small pre-amp to drive a dyna sca35 spare inputs, as the dyna except for the phono pre-amp section is basically a st power amp. This little unit works great, it vastly improves the high frequency response, as I am using fairly long cables from the music source.

Highly recommended. Versatile unit use with amp of sufficient gain. I like with walkman tuner plugged in to drive small tube amp. I suspect cathode follower circuit excellent for the low noise factor. Gain equals noise, this is great compromise. Tone section useful and no more muddiness than any other preamp with tone.

This Nobsound preamp is wonderful. First, it's tiny! But, it really warms up the sound by putting tubes in the preamp stage even with a solid state final amplifier.

nobsound preamp

You won't beat this for twice the price. Store Category. Join Our Newsletter Receive our email newsletters about new items and special promotions! Sign Up Now!


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